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Custom Frameless Showers

Our top quality frameless enclosures are availabe in any style you need. From single doors to a ninety degree enclosure resting on your tubdeck. Doors and panels can be made to match your encloser requirements. Whether square, arched, chipped, or even a custom pattern, we can make it happen. Enclosures can have headers, hinge of the wall or hinge off another panel. Glass is available in 3/8″ or 1/2″. Our hardware is available in a several styles and 15 designer finishes to match your current plumbing fixtures. A framless shower enclosure is the perfect way to complete the bathroom of your dreams.

Custom Mirrors

New mirrors are a must in any bathroom remodel, so in addition to our shower doors we also supply custom fabricated mirrors. Whether you want a small standard square mirror above a sink, or a large mirror positioned tight above your vanity, we can do it. We fabricate beveled mirrors, ovals, arched top mirrors, and mirrors cut to a specific pattern. We can also supply and install mirrors into your frame. Why spend thousands remodeling a bathroom and leave out the one thing you look into everyday. Call us today for a free consultation, and get a mirror as beautiful as your bathroom.

Glass Railings

Create an open, spacious look with sleek and clean lined Contemporary Glass Railing systems from Creative Mirror. Some designs call for straight glass stair railing used up stairways, or as divider partitions between two rooms. Other designs require curved or bent glass, which is achieved by carefully measuring the existing stairs and creating millwork or fabricating metal to structurally secure the addition of an elegant glass railing. Whenever possible, it is best to have the millwork designed, built and installed to achieve the integrity required for our glass railing. In some cases on retrofit installations, the old rail is removed and replaced with glass railing using specialized techniques to provide the structural requirements.